How to Use Google AdSense to Make Money Online

Google AdSense is considered as one of the top and best way to make money online. Most of the bloggers are monetizing their website content and getting income monthly. From the starting day when a blogger starts his blogging career, chat with random people his/her main focus is to increase blog traffic as well as to have Google AdSense account in order to take benefit of traffic for earning decent dollars.

In the beginning most of bloggers are unable to achieve both of these two things. If they have good traffic but they are unable to monetize it properly, or if they got their AdSense account approved their website in not getting decent traffic. Only few people are able to get both of these two main things easily at the starting age of their blog.

Recently, I have shared a guide about the best advantages of Google AdSense. In this article, I am going to discuss how to use Google AdSense to earn money online that will surely help newbie bloggers to make happy living through Google AdSense.

Getting started with this advertisement network is too easy but approval takes time. If you are following Google AdSense guidelines as well as getting good traffic on your websites or blogs, then you will surely get approved from AdSense.

Before writing each article, do keyword research and find out profitable keywords with low competition. Then write article on that particular traffic, gain traffic as well as money also :).

What are the main things that we should need to keep in mind to good revenue from Google AdSense easily. Take a look at all of them below:

No Traffic, No Earning
In the beginning, newbie bloggers are too excited to get approved AdSense account and having less traffic coming towards their blogs. Mostly it happens that those bloggers that are getting 250-350 daily traffic gets AdSense account but not unable to increase their earning.

If these stats will be same in the future, it can create problem for you and anytime you account will be banned. Therefore I will recommend you to first concentrate on your blog traffic, if you are able to get 1000+ visitors per day, then apply for it and start monetizing your blog.

Be Patience
At the starting, you should need to be patience if you are using Google AdSense as main income source. It will take sometime for your blog to get traffic and making money from AdSense.

More Content, More Traffic & More Money
The more content you will publish on your blog and interlink with each other, you will be able to get more traffic through different sources like search engines etc and users will love to read them.

The more they stay on your website and read your blog content, it will be best for your blog because it will decrease your bounce rate that can be effective in increasing your search engine rank also.

Harsh Agarwal has also shared an awesome guide on his blog on boosting AdSense income quickly.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any query related to this guide, feel free to ask and also let us know your feedback in comments below. As always your comments are welcome and much appreciated.

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